Krewe d'Amusement

The Krewe d'Amusement was formed by a group of eleven families in March of 2006. Its purpose is to provide a unique Mardi Gras krewe experience for its member children. Unlike many children's krewes in Acadiana who have one set of monarchs, the Krewe d'Amusement has several. Every 7th and 8th grade child has the privilege of portraying a king or queen in this krewe. Every 5th and 6th grade child is a lord or lady and is part of our Royal Court. Delighting the audience with lively costumes and hit music is our Cast of Characters, our Pre-K through 4th graders, who truly animate the year's chosen theme.
As a member, each child has the privilege of participating in all three of the krewe's main activities: the Ball, the Parade and the Socials. The Ball is held in January. The Parade is held the Saturday afternoon before Fat Tuesday. The Socials are held at various times of the year, enabling the children to get to know and interact with each other. Having new friends, with many different talents, from many different schools, is what Krewe d'Amusement is all about!